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New Case Study: Movement-Friendly Desk Transforms Classrooms for Children with Learning Challenges - Read More

Meredith Dunn School in Kentucky

Tools for Funding Sit-to-Stand Desks

In the struggle to improve the lives of students, teachers are on the front lines every day. Many teachers have realized the benefits of allowing children to stand while they work, even if it means adapting their classrooms in awkward ways.

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Finding the Right Fit for Every Child
Who Uses a Standing Desk

While the benefits of standing apply to virtually every child, not all standing desks are created equal. The wrong desk can negative consequences, from poor ergonomics to classroom disruption.

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How One Child’s Struggle Inspired the
Focus Desk Innovation

For Nancy Dellamore’s young son, sitting still just wasn’t an
option. At the age of seven, Nancy’s son was diagnosed
with dyslexia. The condition manifested itself partly in
nervous energy that could only be released by physical movement.

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Sit-to-Stand Desks – Transforming Classrooms for
Better Learning and Health

In the last few years, standing desks have gone from being a novelty to a ubiquitous presence in offices worldwide. This dramatic trend is also finding its way into the classroom, as researchers discover the significant benefits of encouraging children to spend more time standing and moving in school.

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