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Autism Digest Magazine

"New Product"

District Administration

"Sit/Stand Desk Debuted for High School Students."

High School Desk

Tech and Learning

New Sit/Stand Desk for High School"

Tech and Learning Sit Stand desk

Chicago Tribune

"Marvel Focus Desk Raises the Bar on Standing Desks to Improve Test Scores"

T.H.E. Journal

"Marvel Focus Desk Aims to Maximize Student Performance and Wellness."

Tech and Learning

"Marvel Introduces Sit/Stand Desk for High School"

ABC News

"Mother Creates 'Focus Desk' to Aid with Learning"

Attitude Magazine

"A Mom Designs a Desk to Help Her Fidgety Student Focus"

CBS News

"Mom Creates Desk for Children with Disabilities"

Chicago Tribune

"Mom Designs Desk That Helps Fidgety Students Focus"

D39 Foundation

"McKenzie School Awarded Grant for Marvel Focus Desk"

Scholastic Blog

"The Desks Go Up, The Desks Go Down"

Tech & Learning

"New Student-Adjustable Desk Introduced"

District Administration

"Parents and Educators Collaborate to Create the Adjustable Focus Desk"

Hyde Park Herald

"Focus Desk Helps Special Learners"

Press Release

One Child’s Struggle Inspires Exciting Classroom Innovation

Press Release

Kids with Learning Challenges Get Help with
Innovative Focus Desk from The Marvel Group

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