Finding the Right Fit for Every Child Who Uses a Standing Desk

While the benefits of standing apply to virtually every child, not all standing desks are created equal. The wrong desk can negative consequences, from poor ergonomics to classroom disruption. Look for  classroom desks that combine easy adjustability with practical features for organization, group work, and storage.

The single most important element to success is height-adjustability. Fixed-height standing desks do not take into account the wide range of sizes of children, forcing some kids to hunch over their work while others strain to reach it. Additionally, experts acknowledge that some classroom tasks like testing and writing may be performed better when seated. High stools used with fixed-height desks provide no back support and lead to poor posture and fatigue.

It’s equally important that the adjustability of the desk not cause disruption to the class. Today’s best quality sit/stand desks feature silent pneumatic lifts that children can operate themselves. Students quickly adapt to a classroom norm where they can stand or sit as their bodies require, gaining important skills of independence and self-regulation in the process.


Practical Features that Make All the Difference

New classroom desks represent a significant investment, so it makes sense to look for features that will support all classroom functions for years to come. In considering options, keep in mind these vital design elements:

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