Information For Teachers

Standing desks are changing traditional classrooms all over the country because they create a better learning environment. Children who have the option to stand are more alert and engaged that kids who are forced to sit all day. That delivers tangible benefits for teachers – your classes can be more productive with higher test scores and fewer disruptions.

Benefits for Your Classroom

Teachers who have stand-option desks in their classrooms see real changes in their students:

Improved working memory and processing

You’ve seen how some children fidget when they’re concentrating. Research shows that all that foot tapping, pencil bouncing, and hair twisting is evidence of a mind at work! You can achieve this positive sensory feedback by giving children the option to stand, helping them access working memory and process information more efficiently. This effect is especially pronounced in children with learning differences like ADHD, dyslexia, and autism.

Increased alertness and focus

Standing desks help children stay engaged in classroom activities. Studies have shown that standing can increase student focus by up to 15%. That’s like adding 15% more instructional time to your day!

Enhanced physical health

Sedentary lifestyles, including long hours of sitting in class, are major contributors to the epidemic of childhood obesity. Standing desks offer an easy and practical way to help children burn calories and increase their activity levels. Healthier kids are happier, more successful students!

Teacher-Recommended Features

The Focus Desk was designed by teachers to fulfill their real-world wish lists. It delivers the benefits of standing with many more unique features to boost organization, encourage collaboration, and reduce classroom clutter.

Height adjustment that kids can operate

  • No need to interrupt teacher or class
  • No special tools required
  • Encourages independence, self-regulation, and positive decision-making skills
  • Customizable height fits every student for comfort and good posture

Built-in organization features inspire good habits

  • Integrated color-coded hanging folders
  • Divided storage compartments for notebooks, laptops, pencils, and other supplies
  • Backpack hook keeps floors clear and materials handy

Flexibility for today’s classrooms

  • Expandable work surface
  • Pop-up privacy walls for testing or quiet study
  • Casters or glides for easy mobility

How to Bring The Focus Desk to Your School

Funding classroom equipment upgrades requires enthusiasm and teamwork. If you can see how The Focus Desk would benefit your students, take your vision to the next level by bringing parents and your administration on board.

Individual parents:

Parents love to see teachers going the extra mile to help their kids. Let your room parents and others know about how The Focus Desk would serve their children’s needs. (This is especially true for children with diagnosed learning challenges, whose parents might request specialized equipment as part of an IEP.)

Parent organizations:

Parent groups often fund pilot programs that later become part of the general school curriculum. Develop a proposal to bring The Focus Desk to your classroom, and work with the PTO/PTA to arrange for any special fundraising.


Build relationships with administrators responsible for purchasing. Is there any surplus left from the previous year’s budget? Is the school planning to replace existing classroom desks? Look for opportunities to introduce The Focus Desk as a better option for both students and teachers.



Grants and other resources:

There are thousands of potential grants and funding sources out there to help you improve your classroom. Here are some resources to help you start the search:

Donors Choose – Post your vision on this crowdsourcing site to attract support from donors. When donations reach the target you set, Donors Choose fulfills the order. The program supports K-12 classrooms, and public charter schools, in all 50 states across America. – Visit this site to learn about the many federal grants available to teachers, with search functions available to find the best fit for your needs.

eSchool News online – This is an online monthly newspaper that contains an updated grants section.


Grants Watch – A clearinghouse of federal, state, and local grants searchable by type.


Billions of dollars are available to support schools through public and private grants – it just takes time to research and apply. Talk to your child’s teacher about how you can help. Check out these helpful tips from to jump start your successful grant request journey and bring the benefits of The Focus Desk to your school!

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